We are an Australian company proudly manufacturing watches for everyday wear in Australian conditions.

A simple goal doesn’t always have a simple path to success. Designing a watch to deliver durability in Australia’s wide array of environments, requires attention to detail and the careful selection of materials and technology.

When we looked at refining our GB series watch, one element stood out to us: Why is the day necessary in the day/date display? It is easy to lose track of the day of the month, but the day? Unless you happen to be wearing your watch upon falling into a coma, subsequently waking up not knowing what day it is, one would suggest that information is rarely needed. This neatly signifies modern day life. We are surrounded by endless pieces of information and things we don’t need, things that exist for the sake of it, cluttering our lives.

Grunt watches, tough watches not designed to distract, designed to Outlast.